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Yukki's Refuge was founded by a true animal lover (it is said that he had 4 dogs and 3 cats at home). We help abandoned or lost animals find a new home. We give them all the care and affection they need to thrive. Come and meet our little boarders, and maybe leave with them to start a beautiful story...

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Sterilization of cats to prevent overpopulation and the spread of disease.



We take in many animals abandoned, sometimes under duress, by their owners.



We help conduct investigations to find and convict the perpetrators of abuse.

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Natsume joins the shelter!

Natsume is a 10-month-old female bulldog. She was found in a basket near a store in the center of town, and was brought to us by the shopkeeper. Quite shy for the first few days, she's slowly getting used to her new environment. Come and say hello, it could be for life!